Saturday, 17 March 2012

Today's Excursion

This morning Trevor and I did a bit of exploring at the markets. We went to our usual B&T Asian Grocer and bought Ackee Fruit.

We then found a Greek store on King St E and Ashley. We bought some feta cheese, Orange Blossom Water and Grape Leaves. It was actually a bakery that sells several other items as well. They had some lovely baked goods, including the traditional baklava.

We also went to a Carribean Store on Robert St. close to James Ave N. This is more of a Jamaican take out place although they do have some grocery products for sale. There we purchased Irish Moss, Cinnamon leaves, Strongback, Mauby bark and coco. They also sell ackee here but were out today.

We are looking forward to experimenting with these ingredients and creating some nice dishes. Right now we have the Irish Moss soaking. It has to soak about 24 - 36 hours before its ready to use and the water has to be changed frequently. I included a picture of the Irish Moss and the Coco.

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