Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Restaurant Review - Brasa

Last night Trevor and I had dinner at Brasa in Niagara Falls at the Hilton Hotel. Brasa has a salad bar which is buffet style and for the meat servings they have Gaucho's walking around with skewers of fire roasted meats carved at your table.

You really have to be careful not to fill up at the salad bar, pace yourself. The buffet is so appetizing it's easy to do this. The meats were very good, a couple of the selections were a bit dry but I had end pieces since they were a bit more well done. If you want your meat well done though they have no problem taking a portion to the grill again and doing that for you. The meats we chose were beef short rib, parmesan pork loin, lamb leg and beef rib eye.

They have many more to choose from. It sounds like a lot of meat but they give you small portions so that you can taste all the different offerings. This was our second time to Brasa, the food is delicious and the service is excellent. The price during the week for this buffet is 39.95 per person.

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