Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Los Olivos

Jan. 15, 2012
Dinner at Los Olivos
Occidental Grand
Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico
Well tonight was our a la carte Italian dinner. First let me say that I really feel this is a bit of an unfair review as they just opened and are using a pre-existing menu. Chef Andre told us that they are in the process of creating a new menu and with his talent I am sure it will be amazing.
What a disappointment. Considering this was a very elegant looking restaurant and there is a dress code we expected that this would be our best meal here. Boy did we miss the buffet tonight.
For my appetizer I ordered a mixed salad, it was basically 2 kinds of lettuce in huge pieces with oil and a dash of vinegar. I believe it was balsamic but there was so little it was hard to be sure. Trevor ordered a torta which was basically a pizza type dough with cold bacon and spinach in it. Not off to a very good start.
For our soup I ordered a Minestrone. Can’t go too wrong with that. It was ok, not outstanding. Trevor ordered an onion cream soup. Nevermind where is the beef, how about where is the onion. It just tasted like a thick watered down carnation milk. It was terrible.
My main course was lasagna. The sauce itself was not too bad but the lasagna filling had some kind of off taste. A lasagna is supposed to be layers of pasta. There was one layer of pasta on the bottem then a lot of filling and topped with cheese and sauce. I could barely eat it.
Trevor ordered a surf and turf that was to be served with pasta. We did not even recognize this as a surf and turf when it came. We said to the guy “this is supposed to be surf and turf” he said “yes that is it”. It was more like a pasta dish with pieces of beef mixed in and one shrimp. The beef was very tough, again the sauce was not too bad.

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