Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Le Buffet - Mexico

Jan. 13/12 to Jan 20/12
Le Buffet
Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico
Occidental Grand
This week we are soaking up the sun in Mexico and loving every minute of it. Our package is all inclusive and the majority of our meals are at Le Buffet. Not the usual Buffet you see when on vacation. We are both quite impressed with this one. The menu changes everyday and the food is very good for a buffet. We talked to the Assistant food and Beverage Manager and he told us that they turn their menu around every two weeks. Trevor also had an opportunity to talk to the Executive Chef and he told him that he is from Montreal and has been in Mexico for 20 years.
The service at this Hotel is wonderful. The servers in the dining room cannot do enough for you. The only thing that we found that we actually disliked on the menu was the Miso soup. It was just like water with a very small bit of miso flavour to it. The food is not hot in terms of spicy and that to me is satisfactory although unexpected being in Mexico but I guess since the guests are not natives they know that the majority probably would not appreciate that. Trevor asked if they had any hot sauce and they did not.
My favourite thing on the buffet was the Guacomole. I have never tasted such a good guacamole. The way they do the omelets is also something I found unique. They have all the choices for the omelet out and you take a little bowl and place all the ingredients you would like in your omelet and hand it to the girl and she prepares it with those ingredients.
The choices are more than you need and the presentation is very nice. We had very little to complain about the Buffet.
Every evening they have snacks, I have to say they are probably not the best part of the menu. They tend to dry out quickly. The first one we had was smoked salmon on a little bun and breaded chicken slices. Last night the offering was hamburger, fries or pizza. We chose a slice of pizza. Unfortunately it was not cooked properly and the crust was burned while the rest of the dough was not cooked enough.

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